Catch thieves Red-Handed.
They won’t know that you know!

Manned or unmanned construction sites are wide open to vandalism and theft. Expensive tools & equipment, petty cash and laptops, look mighty tempting to thieves – day or night.

The wireless INSITE i2 Alert can monitor a number of strategically positioned WiPAN sensors located near entry points. When anyone walks into the office trailer or building, the INSITE i2 will send, within seconds, an alert by SMS text messaging to your cell phone, enabling you to literally catch the thief red-handed. They won’t know that you know. The INSITE i2 is programmable up to 12 cell phone numbers per sensor.

INSITE i2 can also track stolen property like tractors and trucks with its optional GPS tracking. It will constantly update the Latitude & Longitude of the vehicle.