INSITE i2 Alert Base unit
Docking Cradle
Wall Mount & Desk Stand
for INSITE i2 Base Unit
INSITE i2 Alert Base unit
(Wireless or Hard-Wired)
A remote, Self-Monitoring and Tracking Instrument (GSM) Global System for Mobile Communications.

(SMS) Short Messaging Service is a component of phone, web and mobile communication systems, using standardized communication protocol that allow the exchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices.

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world. 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers.

By utilizing low cost SMS text messages, INSITE remotely monitors temperatures, voltages, pressure, fluids, security alarms, switch states, as well as controls switch circuits, takes telemetry readings (remote data readings) and tracks vehicles, aircraft, boats, or moveable equipment, using its optional built-in GPS receiver.

The INSITE i2 Alert is powered by a small power pack, but for remote applications you can use a battery or even a Solar panel to power the unit. The INSITE also comes equipped with its own Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

No monthly Monitoring Plan

This is the best advantage of the INSITE i2 Alert – no monitoring fee, contract or monthly dues. All you need is a pre-paid or post-paid SIM card from you local network provider, and your cellular phone.

Another great advantage with the INSITE is that you don't need to have someone looking at a computer monitor 24/7 – SMS alerts can be sent to up to 12 recipients anywhere in mobile range - virtually anywhere in the world. If your Cell phone is turned off or out of range, messages are delivered as soon as it is turned back on, or in range.

• Monitors 8 contact closure inputs
• Hardwired or WiPan (wireless)
• 6 remote control outputs (Docking cradle has extra open connectors to output channels: i.e. Light & Siren)
• Two analog Telemetry inputs (Example: voltage on main or batteries.)
• Ambient temperature range sensing (built in)
• Loss and restoration of power (built in)
• Door entry alarm.
• 2 day built-in battery life

Features cont…
• Optional GPS tracking
• Machine to machine control
• Low cost SMS text messaging
• Self-monitoring
• INSITE Fleet remote asset management. INSITE is software-ready
• Use one INSITE to activate a remote alarm or other switch connected to another
• INSITE without intervention

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(Wireless Personal Area Network)

Built-in, Magnetic switch sensor & sender, for doors, windows, and hatches.

A Wireless link to INSITE i2 Base unit.
• Accepts external input via mono-jack
• Uses 2 -AAA Alkaline batteries, for one year life
• External contact input socket
• Range approx. 60 ft ( more in open areas)
• Link supervision with low battery voltage and sensor on-line/off-line warning messages, sent to your cell phone

All 8 switches of i2 can be connected wirelessly, using INSITE's built in 433Mhz WiPAN. WiPan senders can be used to provide a short-hop connection with any nearby switch contact, without running wires. A temperature monitoring WiPAN sensor allows a probe to sense temperature and provide user-settable alarm set points.

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Docking Cradle
For auto, RV, marine, airplane and general purpose application.

Provides screw terminals for all i2 functions:
• 8 switch inputs
• 2 telemetry (ADC) inputs
• 2 output relays (0.5 amp N.O. & N.C. contacts)
• 4 open collector output channels
• 12V, 3.3v, 5v, regulated and standby supplies
• Automotive battery telemetry calibration
• DC charger socket

Wall Mount and Desk Stand for INSITE i2 Base Unit
• Only if using all WiPAN devices or with custom cabling kits
• Allows direct cable connections to INSITE
• DC charger socket and internal solder strip
• Use fixed cable to wire into applications

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